Miner Economics 2 (ebook)

Miner Economics: A New Paradigm for Bitcoin Transactions Fees

Are you ready to take your understanding of blockchain economics to the next level? Dive deep into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency with our latest eBook, brought to you by industry experts Brendan Lee, Kurt Wuckert Jr, Bryan Daugherty and Gregory Ward.

Together, they have meticulously crafted the second installment of the Miner Economics series, shedding light on the transaction fee structures of two blockchain giants: Bitcoin (BTC) and the BSV blockchain (BSV).


Key Topics Covered:

  • Transaction Validation Process: Explore the intricate steps involved in validating transactions on BTC and BSV networks.
  • Fee Calculation: Delve into the methods behind fee calculation based on size and complexity, revealing the nuances of cost determination.
  • Classification System: Uncover our novel approach to categorizing BSV transaction fees based on computational intensity for enhanced fairness.
  • Impact on Network Security: Understand the far-reaching effects of fee structures on network security and miner incentives.
  • Microtransactions Viability: Examine the feasibility of microtransactions in both BTC and BSV ecosystems, drawing attention to their varying impacts.

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