Enterprise blockchain products using the BSV blockchain (eBook)

Beyond the buzz and hype about blockchain technology being revolutionary, the current state of enterprise application development using blockchain as a whole has not progressed beyond experimental phases.

There are two main reasons for this situation:

  1. Enterprises being skeptical, have focused towards the various implementations of private or permissioned blockchains.
  2. The limited scalability provided by available blockchains.

The BSV blockchain is the only public blockchain which has the potential to handle not thousands but millions of transactions per second. It is not just the provision of throughput capacity, but also BSV blockchain that processes transactions for tiny fees, consistently less than a hundredth of the US cent for payment transactions.

With a stable base protocol and technical plumbing in place, this innovation has potential to power the emergence of new data business models in varied industries such as Healthcare, eSports, supply change management, Internet of Things, Big data applications, remittance, distributed network intelligence, privatised identity system and many more.

In this eBook we will explore:

  • The properties of the BSV blockchain that makes it distinguishable from other enterprise-scale blockchains.
  • Applications and products that can be built using the BSV blockchain.

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